Site announcements

Site unavailable since Monday evening

by System Admin -

Since Monday 31 July in the evening the site has been missing on the Internet.

Our service provider has been on the fixing of our link since this morning. 2 August

The system has been up and working all this time but not visible on the internet.

on the domain name please note that the end part of is now

Change of website Address

by System Admin -

The website address for Gateway Online will be changing soon. 

On the address we have and it will be changing to at the end of the domain name.

This will also effect the Koha library server which has already changed. But Koha at the moment can use both and on the domain name. 

Gateway Online cannot do this it can use one domain. the system will be put on Maintenance mode during the change over.

Note to Parents

by System Admin -

Parents accounts have been created on request.

1. Once you login Please check  your details on your profile.

2. Parents have sent details for a student account it seems in a few cases.

3. All students accounts had already been created last year Jan or July. From ECD to Gr 7